Mars is an amazing planet with great things about it! Read the rest of this site to find out amazing things about this spectacular planet.

Mars the red planet is full of wonderful things! Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and is in the goldilocks zone. The goldilocks zone is a part of space around the sun that isn't too warm or too cold, but just right! SpaceX the private company is one of the top leading rocket companies at the moment. Their best rocket at the moment is the Falcon Heavy which is 2 Falcon 9s strapped on to the Falcon heavy body. The Falcon heavy's rockets will land back on Earth, they will land on either land, or on a remote carrier in the water. At the moment the Falcon heavy can carry the most weight in a single flight. The Falcon Heavy has been on a total of two flights with a total of zero failures and many more flights are scheduled, mostly by companies that sell cellular data and satellite tv. Before those rockets launch the United States of America is launching two rockets, one from the Department of Defense and one from the USA Air Force.

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